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Tickets to Fly...


First time took Finnair. The impression was it goes by the minimalist approach. Everything's simple - from food to in-air entertainment to no overnight flight toiletries (ok, asked for toothbrush - don't have). Well, only managed to catch 4 movies (very limited choices).

I guess I could live with the minimalist approach. However, the experience on the return flight was no good, when one critical condition was not met! The adjustment of the air pressure!

Can't recall when was the last time that my ears had to endure such great pain and discomfort when the plane descended - the way the air pressure was adjusted.

Almost 20 min when arriving at Helsinki and 10 min when arriving at Changi airport. The discomfort to the ears still lingered after 4 hours.

Probably no more Finnair in the future!

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