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Innovative Ideas from D-N-S

While I've travelled to many cities around the globe, it's the first time that some designs caught my attention along the way as I travelled from Denmark to Norway, to Sweden. I do wonder if it's because I subconsciously already looking out for interesting designs when I already had the impression that these are the countries known for its 'design' labels.

One brand that caught my attention in the shop at the cruise was Normann ( In fact, I had the urge to splurge for some little items; but fortunately, my conscious mind reminded me to be prudence in my spending...

One of them is the silicone "tea egg"

Haha... click at the above link to look at some of those cool designs of everyday items :)

It's the amount of thinking the designers put in to come up with designs that are practical, yet simple.

One of them is the greenhouse corridor that connects the buildings in one of the hotels that we stayed: It not only provided natural lighting; but because of the cold weather (cold though in summer) it provides warmth to anyone who walks along the corridor. Just a stone throw away is a swimming pool housed in the 'greenhouse' too!

Simple coffee packaging - just peel off, exposing a whole that is big enough for us to sip the beverage.

Good space saver to rest the luggage!

This is the first time I see such design - an idea borrowed from simple clips; to hold the garbage bag. It's clean and neat!

I thought the Japanese would have thought of this idea but saw none in the hotels I put up so far. (I'm impressed with the toilet bowls that come with "warmer" and "washer" in Japan!).
A simple towel holder that's redesigned not only as a towel holder, but also a towel dryer, and can double up as a heater in the bathroom!

Here's another interesting idea how to create space in the shower area. Ok, something common amongst all the bathrooms-toilets we came across in D-N-S is, all of them are very small; and that's where we noticed interesting ways of 'creating' space. Here's a photo from website:

Click HERE ( to view more details of the design

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